A good trial attorney not only needs to know their way around the courtroom, but how to get to the courthouse steps.

A good trial attorney not only needs to know their way around the courtroom, but how to get to the courthouse steps.


  • Litigation
  • Estate and fiduciary litigation
  • Contract and business litigation
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Local counsel

For 25 years, Mike has litigated cases representing clients in civil cases involving business disputes, estate litigation, personal injury, guardianships, employment matters, municipal liability, injunctive relief, slips and falls, auto and trucking accidents, products liability, slander/defamation, professional negligence, indemnification claims, environmental liability, subrogation, UM/UIM, false imprisonment, construction, civil rights, and more.

Increasingly, Mike is being asked by his clients to represent them in trial matters involving estate and trusts, business disputes, and when they have been injured by someone else’s actions. Not every attorney can or wants to enter the courtroom to advocate for their client. Mike litigates cases throughout Pennsylvania and in the Federal courts. He has argued numerous cases before the Pennsylvania Superior Court and had a published opinion on one of his successes – Huegel v. Mifflin Construction Co., Inc. 796 A.2d 350 (Pa. Super. 2002).

Litigation and trial are often the last attempt to resolve a dispute. Mike knows how expensive it can be from a financial perspective, but also from an emotional perspective. Litigation may involve going to a trial, but it often involves other avenues such as arbitration or mediation. Mike has not only actively tried cases, but he understands the importance of trying to resolve the matter and when to try the matter.


My extensive litigation experience is an advantage for my clients because I can see the big picture.  I understand the steps and commitment needed to get to a successful end.  I know how expensive it can be, both emotionally and financially, to try a case.  I know how to manage situations proactively, such as proper estate planning, business planning or contract drafting, which   minimizes the chance of litigation. 

Having a trial background enables me to act proactively for people starting a small business or those planning their future.  If the case happens to go down the trial path, I can help guide people through the litigation process because I have walked that road.